Sky Ferreira Style
Heee, how do you think sky's iphone homescreen would look like? As in what kind of apps she uses, love your blog,

Apps that she probably uses are Instagram, snapchat, a playlist app (possibly spotify, souncloud, pandora) vine, youtube, some game apps, and for the photo editing apps, I don’t think she uses them. Most of her photos on Instagram don’t have filters. If she does, she’s probably using the filters provided in Instagram. Also. the basic stuff are probably there like music, mail, photos app, etc. :)

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Hi, what do you propose to maroon pants?

Maroon pants are really nice to wear for fall. You can also wear them in winter. If I would style it inspired by Sky’s style, I would suggest wearing it with a black or white oversized tee, a leather jacket and chunky black boots. I also find it really cute if you pair up maroon pants with a maroon top, white shoes, and a denim jacket. I wore something like that to school once so yeah…hope this helps! :)

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Sweaters inspired by Sky’s style.
Coats that are inspired from Sky’s style.
Hee, winter is coming and I wanted to know if you have any sweater and winter coat suggestions in sky's style?

Yes! I’m pretty much excited for winter. But for Sky’s style, some winter coat suggestions I have are cozy(thick) army green anorak coats that’s a bit oversized, a black baseball jacket, leather jackets (of course), and a black or white fur coat. I will make a set for you after I post this. :)

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