Sky Ferreira Style

I made another playlist on 8tracks. It’s a chill kind of music if anyone wants to listen :)

Hallo :) I have some questions to Sky's hair. First what kind of hair color does she have in the "I blame myself" video and second how do you call her haircut (?) in the *Sad Dream" video ? I'm sorry for asking such stupid questions but I really can't find the informations. Thank you ! <3

It’s fine, it’s not stupid. Haha but her hair color for the “I Blame Myself” video is a “sweet cola” hair color. It’s a really dark shade of brown. In the “Sad Dream” video, her hair has layers that is cut into a “u shaped” haircut. If you want to cut your hair like hers it would be great to give it to your hairdresser. But I know she has layers. Hope this helps! :)

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