Untitled #80 by dressed-in-black-and-white featuring a leather backpack

Dorothy Perkins black shirt / Forever 21 golf skirt / ASOS socks / Leather backpack / Black hat / Manic Panic matte lipstick
Untitled #79 by dressed-in-black-and-white featuring black socks

Black tee / Denim jacket / Falke black socks, $15 / ASOS plastic glasses / Buy Motel Vintage Katy Check Circle Skirt 0174 at Motel Rocks, $50

Sky’s ‘I Blame Myself’ outfits

Almost everything sky wore in her ‘I Blame Myself’ video can be found here. I didn’t really feel like making sets for them, because I don’t think that there are a lot of people who can afford it.


Meet Sky Ferreira’s Stylist, Ian Bradley


Behind every major superstar there’s usually a team of equally major beauty and fashion experts. The collaborative role of the fashion stylist has become increasingly important in the world of music, extending beyond the red carpet beat and into the realm of performance. Each day this week, we’re checking in on one of the talented new stylists shaping the look of music today, starting with Sky Ferreiras stylist, Ian Bradley. Here, he talks about his shopping adventures with the gorgeous songstress, and what it takes to have cool-girl style.

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Untitled #78 by dressed-in-black-and-white featuring a black skirt

Topshop top / 3 1 Phillip Lim black skirt, $235 / Madewell black skirt / Madewell socks / Topshop leather handbag / NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick / Vintage
Untitled #77 by dressed-in-black-and-white featuring a black bra

H M white blouse, $25 / Forever 21 golf skirt / H M black bra, $10 / Motel vintage purse, $84 / Monki vintage sunglasses, $14
Untitled #76 by dressed-in-black-and-white featuring a black slouch beanie

Zara top / Socks / Madewell long gathered skirt / Open toe sandals, $50 / Black slouch beanie / Vintage
Hi! I am a bit chubbier than idk normal i guess.. do you know what will look flattering on me, but still is Sky's style? Love your blog by the way! x

thank you! i don’t think being ‘chubbier’ is a problem. just take inspiration from her or other people/styles and find out what fits you best. you don’t have to copy someones styles entirely, just translate it into your own style and feel comfortable in it. feeling comfortable in what you wear is so important, and if you feel comfortable in it, you’ll look confident and confidence is what really ‘makes’ an outfit, you know. for example this girl. she’s a plussize model and blogger, and it doesn’t have to be your style, but she can pull it off. and so can anyone :)


04 11 2014    1
Do you know where sky's black ankle boots with a buckle on the side, that she wears pretty much all the time, are from?

they are orignally the ving boots from jeffrey campbell, but i think they’re discontinued. you could get some pretty good dupes at ebay, but i can’t find them anymore


04 10 2014    0
Hey! really like your blog! i wanted to ask you from which store sky shops the most or in which stores im morr likely to find her style. Thanks!xx

thank you so much! i think a lot of her clothes are from thrift shops, so you could check out local thrift shops, etsy or asos marketplace, but also regular shops like forever21, monki, topshop, asos and motelrocks


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